Sunday, February 20, 2022


EZL , gracefully with the Attorney General, Victoria Buttigieg  by COSIMO

 We have previously discussed how rampant corruption in the Republic of Malta extends to the court system, resulting in total disregard for the Rule of Law. Here is yet another aspect that you may not be aware of; Attorneys whose party affiliation is Labour routinely  employ what the legal profession regards elsewhere as dirty, unethical, totally unprofessional tactics, as they know judges, who are appointed by Labour Party leaders in elected office will favor them every time, even if they must disregard established law and precedent. There is no justice in Malta's courts, where she practises law, just injustice and lies.

Of course, the corrupt Attorney General and the Minister of Justice do not intervene, as they are also members of the Labour Party. 

One such individual, who is the daughter of very powerful former Labour MP who was then appointed judge, uses that "protection," to gain illegal advantage in her divorce cases. She employs every dirty trick known to family law attorneys. Here is a listing of the typical unethical, and untrue, claims that she files, to gain unfair leverage upon the husbands she is suing for her clients, who are 99% female:

She regularly and routinely alleges total falsehoods, especially that the husband-defendants have sexually abused and physically beaten their children, a ploy which often result in a complete denial of visitation rights during the proceedings. She even gets the clients' mothers to lie about the fathers' conduct. How would you like to be denied any contact with her children for months at a time ? It is cruel and unusual, and the Labour- favoring judiciary rubber stamps her requests. She routinely alleges that the husbands are "wife beaters,'" which the judges use to mete out punishing rulings, as well as even criminal charges. That's how bad it gets in Malta's courts.

I am not just taking about husbands who are ignorant of the remedies available at law; lawyers and lawyer-defendants appear to be in for a special brand of her Hell. They report that going up against her in a case is a nightmare, due to her amoral tactics. Her allies in the Malta Police  tip her off about her opponents, giving up personal and confidential information upon request, due to her powerful parents.

Some fathers who have lost all parental rights, due to her tactics, have committed suicide. Others have sunk into deep depression, due to the total lack of justice meted out by the judiciary in Malta's family court. Others suffer from permanent anxiety, living in  fear that she will bring unfounded criminal charges at any time.

Fall from Grace  by COSIMO

Not only does this lawyer richly deserve disbarment, the judge who rubber-stamps all her requests should be thrown off the bench, and both of them convicted and imprisoned, as an example to others who bend the justice system to their will, and break the law with impunity, due to their fate that they are members of the Maltese Mafia, the Labour Party.

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