Monday, February 14, 2022


Faces of Evil: Nixon, Muscat, Trump  by COSIMO 

What is this utter nonsense Robert Abela's ministers in the Labour Party are spreading around; that the Financial Action Task Force will remove the country from the Greylist this coming June. Not even the diehard Gahans are going to believe that drivel. Malta had literally years of dire warnings, none of which were heeded.

What specifically Malta must do : 

(1) bring money laundering charges against all the major offenders ( including Joseph Muscat, and several of the dirtiest ministers, police officers, and government officials), and convict and imprison them for long terms.

(2) Reform the insane judicial system, where cases can linger for a decade, and change the way in which judges are appointed.

(3) Clean out the corrupt Malta Police, from the top down.

(4) Arrest, try and convict the leadership of the Malta Mafia, or at least start the process.

(5) Turn over the evidence of violations of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the Bribery Act (UK) to the appropriate agencies abroad, so that prosecutions of the guilty can commence.

(6) Bring in outside compliance officers from abroad, to clean up Malta's money laundering banks.

(7) Revoke the net 5% income tax on offshore corporations; take Malta out of the tax haven business once and for all.

Now, do you see why a June date is impossible ?  significant change must occur, or more Darkness can vibe expected over Malta's sunny skies.

Umbilical Cord of Evil  by COSIMO

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