Thursday, February 24, 2022


This week, Dominica's autocratic government arrested BRIAN LINTON, the brother of Opposition leader LENNOX LINTON, and charged him with a violation of the Treason Act (Chapter 10:01), for purely political purposes. He was detained by the country's heavily armed paramilitary police, who have Chinese advisors, and who held him in custody until today, when a local magistrate set bail at $75,000. He has been released.

Dominica political observers agree that there is no factual basis for the charges, and they were filed purely to intimidate his brother, who as a leader of the Opposition poses a threat to the strongman rule of the longtime Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit. Some believe that China is calling the shots in Dominica, seeking to increase its influence in the East Caribbean States. The Opposition has been very vocal in its objection to Dominica's expanding relationship with Communist China.

The United States has not yet commented on the case. The only US Embassy in the region is located in Barbados, and it may not be aware of this case yet. We trust that it will weigh in on what is obviously a Human Rights violation. 

The Criminal Complaint appears below: 

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