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Tuesday, February 1, 2022



"And the Circus Goes On" by COSIMO

Former Labour Party insider, Mark Camilleri, unhappy with its rampant corruption, has repeatedly exposed its dirty tactics. His most recent piece gives us an insight into how Labour illegally funds its election campaigns.

Labour, in conducting Malta's film awards programme, gives a company that is a Labour supporter, a contract as an events organiser for the show that pays the company far more than is necessary to provide services for the event. The clearly excessive fees are a cover for the expenses that Labour need to have the company handle its events needs for the upcoming General Election, free of charge. Thus, public money is actually paying for the Labour Party's private expenses. Our thanks to Mr. Camilleri for pointing this out; he formerly ran an outside event where the winners were given monetary prizes, and noted that the film awards pays its winners nothing.

Let's take this one step further; if Labour is employing this ploy to funds campaign expenses, how may other activities, where obvious over-payments are made to Labour-owned entities and individuals linked to PL, are also covers, or fronts, for the true purpose of the money paid ? Perhaps one of Malta's crusading NGOs might investigate all government-funded outside events and projects, to see whether they are, in truth and in fact, covers for payments for other matters Labour wants the people of Malta to pay for.

 Or maybe someone in the US Embassy, perhaps in the Commercial section, might want to make such inquiries. Reducing or eliminating corruption has been named the primary goal of the United States Government; maybe American diplomats can show Malta's taxpayers where their hard-earned money really goes; into the pockets of Labour Party supporters, who in turn finance the Party's operation. Let the Voter Beware.











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