Thursday, May 7, 2020


The Iraqi fraudster with the Swediah passport, SOREN ANDERS DAWODY

The question I wish to put to the Government of Grenada, especially the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBI/CIU) is as follows: when you received Dawody's bogus budget for the Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Project (GSA), and noticed the obvious fraud, why did you not seek his indictment and arrest ? Who in the government received a bribe, and insured that no charges would be brought ?

 A reported $19.25m had been paid in, most of it paid abroad, in violation of the terms of the GSA project. A fair reading of Dawody's "budget" includes double and triple billing for the same administrative and marketing costs, showing up in different categories, when it should only appear once, obvious overbilling and padding of anticipated expenses, and a marketing bottom-line two or three times what is considered reasonable for a start-up project. The budget was made public, and still appears on the Internet. why was it never questioned by Grenada's government accountants ? Was it because of the payment of bribes and kickbacks to government officials ?

Remember, Dawody had NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE in the sustainable aquaculture industry; he purportedly relied upon subject matter experts working in the region (he allegedly stiffed all of them, when it came to the payment of professional fees that they were owed), but he himself is no scientist, nor any kind of administrator/manager of aquaculture firms or projects.

Dawody hawking his Grenada GSA in China.
The Government of Grenada investigation, which has been pending for more than one year, has never resulted in any indictments, notwithstanding that the GSA project was never built out, nothing was purchased and shipped, and the Chinese and Russian nationals, who paid Dawody directly, have lost their entire investment.

If Grenada has no stomach for arresting those who defraud its CBI clients, perhaps the United States might want to step in, for the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986 has been judicially construed by our courts as conferring extraterritorial jurisdiction, when US Dollars are the medium of exchange.This means that Dawody, currently in hiding in Dubai, and living in a rented villa at Emirates Hills, can be charged with money laundering in the United States, and extradited, to face justice where his millions in stolen money will not be able to protect him from the consequences of his $19m fraud.

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