Monday, May 4, 2020


The Chinese Embassy site in Malta.
When the most recent hurricane was threarening the East Caribbean, the newly-constructed, massive Chinese Embassy in the Commonwealth of Dominica mysteriously disgorged more than nine hundred Chinese nationals, including a number of individuala who were obviously not members of the staff. Dominicans were amazed that there were so many within the embassy compound, as the two countries had practically zero trade and tourism between them.

China, which had imported exclusively Chinese laborers to construct its embassy in Dominica, has been obviously using the extensive facilities as both an electronic listening post upon American military and diplomatic traffic in the Caribbean and the southern United States, but also as a forward operating location for its intelligence agents in the addition for its foreign policy aims and goals in the region. It is doubtful that the people of Dominica would have approved the construction of such a huge facility, had they known in advance that it was to be a facility for covert electronic surveillance, and a jumping-off point for spies, they might have declined to allow it on their territory.

Chinese Embassy, Dominica.

Now, the Republic of Malta is not only going to have a new oceanfront Chinese Embassy, but it is now slated to be much larger than originally proposed. Malta not only sits astride the strategic Mediterranean shipping lanes, but is close to a number of major NATO military facilities, including those of the United States in Italy. Given that Malta's Schengen Zone privileges allow a portal into visa-free transit throughout the European Union, and its Individual Investor Program (IIP), the country's CBI passport program, confers Maltese citizenship painlessly, does the EU really want such a listening post within its borders ?

Unfortunately, we cannot depend upon Malta's corrupt leaders to take the necessary action to insure that their country does not become an outpost for Chinese intelligence agencies, which will then draw Western intelligence services, who will be monitoring Chinese activities. Meet the new Malta, soon to be a nest for spies, hotbed for Chinese intrigue.    

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