Sunday, May 24, 2020


This outstanding article was suggested by a reader; we recommend it. Funding Terrorism: US sanctions imposed on an Extensive Network of Hezbollah Companies supporting its Military-Terrorist Activity, published by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Center. You may access it here.

The white paper details the role Hezbollah's Martyrs Foundation, and the companies owned by it, plays in Lebanon, as well as that of the dozen corporations affiliated with Atlas Holding, which generate profits for Hezbollah in the Lebanese economy, and which are thereafter used to fund its international terrorist activities. Each company is profiled, and its place in the organization explained.

The sanctioned leaders of the Martyrs foundation are examined, and the systematic method used by the Martyrs Foundation to acquire, and maintain, control over military-age manpower, using payments to families of Shaheeds. If you are a compliance officer at an international banks whosew customers trade in Lebanon, or require specific information on hezbollah's terrorist fnancing operations, it is humbly suggested that you review this entire white paper.

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