Monday, March 2, 2020


The United States Attorney in New York, in further support of its pending motions in Limine, in the pending money laundering and sanctions evasion case against the Iranian banker (and ex-Pilatus Bank CEO) Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, has reiterated its position in a letter to the Court. The defendant's counsel has sought to complicate the issues, by the so-called "kitchen sink" method, of throwing multiple issues not relevant to the crimes charged, regarding Iran, to divert the jury's attention from the facts and the evidence. This tactic also is most likely intended to create potential issues for appeal. The case has been zealously defended by counsel, though these issues are most likely to be found to be outside the scope of a money laundering and sanctions evasion case.

The letter, which appears below, states:

(1) Since the defendant has abandoned his argument that the sanctions imposed upon Iran are improper, the Government, withdraws that motion.

(2) The defendant should not be allowed to introduce evidence or arguments regarding "de-risking" and "overcompliance," or that US banks terminated relationships in a discriminatory manner.

(3) The defendant should not be permitted to introduce evidence regarding the intended purpose of US foreign policy in Iran.

(4) Expert testimony about the fact that the US businesses terminated relationships with Iranians should be excluded, as it is not necessary.

(5) Testimony about OFAC licenses should be excluded.

(6) Testimony about OFAC enforcement actions should not be permitted.

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