Friday, February 14, 2014


Marc Harris
Regular readers of this blog may recall that, several months ago, we discussed an underground radical group, located in the Republic of Panama, that was covertly obtaining weapons, ostensibly for self-defense, but in reality to oppose the Government of Panama at some indefinite time in the future*. More details on this group have emerged, regarding its membership, and professed principles.

The group, which does not appear to have either a name, or identifiable leadership, is composed of American and European expats, all having radical leftist political views. It opposes the present Government of Panama, and aligns itself with many of the sanctioned Middle East and Latin American terrorist organizations. Some of its members have previously been associated with radical European groups, such as the Red Brigades, when they resided in the countries of the European Union.

A number of the members formerly worked at the defunct Marc Harris Organization, a notorious offshore company that reportedly defrauded investors of $20m. Harris, who is currently serving a long prison sentence in the US, is due to be released April 2, 2018.

The expat group, which has close ties to Hamas agents in Panama, has never made a public statement, or  in any way acknowledged its existence, but is a close association of radicals who are providing material assistance to designated terrorist groups in Latin America. One of its members had an intimate relationship with the wife of a high-ranking Hamas leader in Panama. My sources advise that this group is known to the Panamanian Government's counter-terrorism agency.

Compliance officers who bank Western expats residing in the Republic of Panama would do well to research the background of their existing clients, lest their bank be unwittingly involved in terrorist financing operations, conducted by this radical group, whose members are otherwise legitimate members of the Panama City business community; Enhanced Due Diligence in such clients is recommended, notwithstanding that they are long-standing customers.
*New Neo-Nazi Movement in the Republic of Panama is arming Foreign Nationals there

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