Monday, February 24, 2014


Lic. Cesar Guardia (in black hat)

Cesar Guardia, a Panamanian criminal defense attorney, was assassinated the other day, after attending a rodeo. He is the third attorney working on money laundering or narcotics trafficking cases to be killed in the last three months. While I am aware of ten other attorneys who were also killed under similar circumstances, in the recent past, there has been a marked increase of late.

With crime against the person spiraling out of control in Panama, even the professionals are apparently at risk. While I have previously pointed out the reasons why one should increase Country Risk on Panama, the targeting of attorneys is an especially disturbing trend, which could further elevate risk levels

Clients may choose to do business elsewhere, when personal risk increases, as they will be unwilling to monitor their Panamanian investments, placing their safety first, which could impact the growth of the economy. If you have not read my December article on Panama crime as a factor in Country Risk, you can access it here*.
*Rampant Crime in Panama requires that you not send your Lawyer or Clients there


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