Thursday, February 6, 2014


Hector René Carrera

Guatemalan authorities have arrested 27, and are searching for an additional five,  alleged international money launderers working in their country. The organization reportedly moved at least $20m, and operated in:

 United States, Panama, France, Ecuador, Argentina, United Kingdom, Surinam, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador, Pakistan, Bolivia, India, UAE, Lithuania, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Russia and Vietnam.

Though American media has failed to name the accused, other than the purported leader of the laundryman, Hector René Carrera, I did find a complete list in a Guatemalan newspaper filing. The defendants in custody are:

Gustavo Adolfo Mayen Franco
Mauricia Vazquez Mateo
Nidia Iveth Pineda Chamale de Barrios
Olga Sucelly Aguilar Carrera
Ana Rosario Perez Matias
Sarahi Estefany Reyes Perez
Jesser Jefter Telio Herrera
Tafael Chacon Gonzalez
Olga America Rodriguez Rodas
Lucio Yoel Saraceño Samayoa
Belarmino Carrera Carrera
Belarmino Jose Carrera Cano
Mynor Rafael Giron
Oscar Antonio Quiõnez Giron
Dominga Eleuteria Huertas Cifuentes
Armando Carrera Garrido
Elder Dionicio Brenes Garcia
Alejandro Davis Barrios Castañeda
Jose Dimas Carrera Samoyoa
Mynor Ricardo Roquel Castañeda
Claudia Lorena Marriquin Flores
Jaime Raul Carrera Cano
Yoldo Balsero Oliva Montenegro
Amadeo Samuel Carrera Carrera

It is believed that as much as $70m was  transferred, to or from Guatemala. A cash courier was arrested with $1.32m last November, and that caused an investigation to be opened in Guatemala.

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