Monday, February 24, 2014


Viktor Bout's co-defendant, the Syrian-American accountant, Richard Chichakli, has asked that the Court appoint a new attorney to assist him. Chichakli, who represented himself at his trial, was aided by court-appointed stand-by counsel, Marlon Kirton, a New York criminal defense lawyer.  Kirton sent a letter to the Court, explaining that his client had requested a change of counsel, and requesting a conference. There has been no mention of the reason for the requested change. Viktor Bout also terminated his attorney,

At present, there are a number of post-trial motions pending, including a Motion for a Judgment of Acquittal, and motions for a New Trial, and for Arrest of Judgment. The Government has responded with a memorandum of law in opposition. Since the defendant's sentencing has been scheduled for March 14th, it is anticipated that there will a ruling soon, to dispose of those motions. It is expected that Chichakli will appeal his conviction, and appellate procedural issues, and filing requirements, can be difficult for a non-lawyer to handle, without the benefit of counsel.

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