Sunday, February 23, 2014


Black Wasps, on parade in Cuba.
A large number of Cuban Army soldiers, from its Avispas Negras, or Black Wasp, units have arrived in Caracas, with the obvious intent of providing support to the efforts of the Maduro government to suppress Opposition protests. The Black Wasps, which are designated as Special Troops, have been seen coming into Venzuela. They have been observed at that time wearing wearing Guardia Nacional de Venezuela uniforms, and using firearms, in the streets, against unarmed Opposition protesters.

Black Wasps, being deployed in Venezuela.
Though promoted by Cuba, as being the functional equivalent of American Special Forces, due to their advanced level of training, including cross-training in several military specialties, their true skill level appears to be equal to that of US Army Ranger units. Black Wasp units, which fought in Cuba's African interventions, are not crowd control; they are professional soldiers, and their presence increases the risk of all-out civil war in Venezuela, which could destroy the economy in short order.
Avispas Negras, on arrival in Venezuela last week. Note that they are not wearing their maroon berets.
As the parallel (unofficial black-market) rate Bolivar-Dollar stands at 88 to 1 today, and is believed to hit 100 shortly, any increase in violence, caused by this new infusion of Cuban troops, will further weaken the Bolivar, and impact the Venezuelan economy. Therefore, the Country Risk assessment on Venezuela will increase further, and it is rapidly reaching the point where any financial exposure in Venezuela is not prudent, and where any existing client (or bank) financial exposure must be reduced forthwith, to avoid a possible total loss.

Deplaning on arrival

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