Monday, February 3, 2014


Okke Ornstein and his current associate, Kimberlyn David
Panama's most prolific fraudster, the Dutch national Okke Ornstein, who is wanted in that country, to begin serving a number of felony sentences, has reportedly been made the subject of a request to INTERPOL, for the issuance of a Red Notice (arrest warrant), due to his fugitive status. His appeals have been dismissed, and another criminal trial is scheduled to begin shortly. He has been drifting in and out of Panama, but mainly has been keeping a low profile in the Netherlands.

His most current scam involves a fraudulent online charitable operation. Ornstein, who often poses as a journalist, claiming to cover the Syrian Civil War, though he has never traveled to the Middle East, is soliciting money, purportedly for Palestinian refugees living in Jordan. The domation program, which he has posted to his website, is bogus. The name and address of the Dutch bank, where victims are told to send their money, is curiously missing from the request for funds, as is the name of any bank officer. All he supplies is an IBAN number. The payments reportedly go right in Okke's bank account.

Ornstein has been linked to child pornography, kidnapping, extortion, a bogus investment fund, and various types of fraud, during his tenure in the Republic Panama, and has a number of convictions to prove it. It is rumored that the prosecutor wants to sentence him to ten years on the pending case; he fled Panama recently.

Little is known about his constant companion, Kimberlyn David, an American who currently resides in Panama. Given that Ornstein is linked to an unsolved murder of an investigative journalist, who was looking at his business activities, you are cautioned to avoid both of these individuals. Ornstein is also known as Okke Van Ooijen.

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