Friday, May 31, 2013


Some of the Hezbollah weapons seized

Nigeria, already reeling from the violent clash of religions amongst its population, rampant corruption at the highest level, and a powerful militant radical organisation, is now facing new terrorist threats from the Middle East. A large weapons cache, including anti-aircraft missiles, was found by the authorities in Kano, in northern Nigeria; it is said to belong to Hezbollah. Arrests have been made at the residence, where a sophisticated underground storage facility was located.

There have been reports of late in Nigeria, of Lebanese nationals that the government asserts are members of Hezbollah, including the arrest of a reported Hezbollah agent at a Nigerian airport, where he was attempting to travel to the Middle East with $60,000 in cash.  All the indicators point to an intention to conduct multiple terrorist acts in  Nigeria.

This weapons cache seizure raises Country Risk to a new level, as the authorities have asserted that Hezbollah's intentions are to attack Western, American and Israeli interests in the region. Such actions could severely impact foreign investment, and thereby the local economy. It is suggested that you  carefully review the facts, and make an educated decision on whether to raise Country risk for Hezbollah for Nigeria at this time.

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