Monday, May 20, 2013


Carrizales Airbase
Eyewitnesses have confirmed that Iran is operating two military bases, located at at remote sites within Venezuela. Iran and Venezuela concluded an agreement for such facilities several years ago, but the existence of these bases has never been made public. Both bases, which are strictly off-limits to Venezuelan nationals, appear to have global communications capability.


The first base, which is attached to Captain Manuel Rios (Carrizales) Base Area and Airport, is located here:  9 25' North, 65 33' West, which is in rural Gu├írico State. it has access to the base's 3000m runway; The field's ICAO designation is SVCZ, and it is more than adequate for the largest military transports, capable of delivering ballistic missiles.

 Whether this Iranian facility possesses the Shahab 3 ballistic missile (range: 1930km.), which has the range to reach the United States, is not known, as is the size, and composition of the Iranian force stationed there, though it is logical to expect that the IRGC Al-Qods Force, which operates outside Iran, has troops stationed in both bases, for security purposes. Agents of Hezbollah Venezuela could also be in residence, but no verified information about troopstrength of the base is known. What units are operating there ?

Carrizales location
The second base, which is near la Esmeralda, in remote Amazonas State, is located here:  3 10' North,
65 33' West.  Whether it is a Command & Control center for field operations is not known, but there are a number of strategic Iranian mining operations in the country, and gold and Uranium are known to have been among the principal commodities exported to Iran from Venezuela. There is no information available on its tactical functions.

Obviously, the Government of the United States is fully aware of the existence of these bases, as they represent a clear and present danger to American military facilities in the Caribbean, as well as in Key West, but their presence has never been revealed to the public. Readers will recall that I warned that Iran's Kayson Company was building ballistic missile silos in Venezuela back in 2009, and one finally became operational in 2012*, notwithstanding US statements that there was no silo construction programme in progress.

Considering that the United States has ignored these emerging Iranian threats for more than a decade, and they are fast approaching critical mass, it may soon be time to consider raising Country Risk on America.
*Iran's Kayson Company Denies it is Building Missile Silos in Venezuela

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