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Sunday, May 19, 2013


The explosion of the so-called reputation management industry recently has rendered most due diligence Internet searches useless. These companies, which reply upon placing literally dozens of pages of positive PR into the worldwide web, so as to push any negative information about their clients well to the rear of any search engine enquiry, have so diluted the search results that you need in a due diligence investigation, as to deprive you of the sole important item you are searching for.

While some compliance officers, upon seeing this garbage on the first page of their Internet search results, have taken to searching from the rear forwards, but that is generally not the solution, for that one gem of negative information is buried somewhere within 750 search results, it may not be readily ascertainable from the headings, and you have another 22 names to conduct due diligence upon that day. Manual searching, through an infinite amount of bogus search results is not only labor-intensive, but it is inefficient and causes you to lose your edge later on in the workday.

If anything , there reputation repair firms will proliferate during the future, as more financial criminals realise their worth. Therefore, cast aside the technique altogether, and abandon traditional web searches for software that delivers  strictly negative search results. You can find more information about how that works here.


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  21. Manual searching, through an infinite amount of bogus search results is not only labor-intensive, but it is inefficient and causes you to lose your edge later on in the workday.
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