Sunday, October 17, 2021


If you have been following our articles about official corruption in local government in the City of Palm Springs, California, you know that local law enforcement officials, and city attorneys, have allegedly conspired to deprive Elizabeth Melita Gargan a local 70-year old widow with health issues, who is a senior citizen owning valuable real estate, of her property, for the use and benefit of a greedy local homeowners' association determined to steal her home. The HOA wants to take possession of her property, in a local lucrative real estate market, where it will fetch a large amount of money.

This bogus action to remove an owner of real property, which was orchestrated by a corrupt City Attorney, who made material misstatements of fact to the Court, to poison the judge's mind against the victim, was facilitated by corrupt city officials that also will benefit financially for the fraud upon the Court. A non-existent controlled substance sales and storage operation was cited as grounds for the seizure of the realty; in truth and in fact, it is totally without any factual basis, but is serving as a pretext for the court order. Due Process for the victim was reportedly denied by the Court, and the judicial process itself has been called into question.

We are advised that two federal law enforcement agencies are currently investigating corruption within the offices of the City of Palm Springs; we hope and trust that they can help the victim receive justice.  Additionally, the California Department of Justice has reportedly taken an interest in the case.

The Order for Preliminary Injunction  entered in this matter appears below for your reference. Readers who are not familiar with this matter are urged to review our previous article here:

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