Thursday, October 21, 2021



Two  mouths Mizzi  by COSIMO

In any other European Union country, Konrad Mizzi would have already been charged with corruption, and a host of additional crimes. in Malta, the only untoward thing that happens to him his that he gets thrown out of his political party. No wonder most Europeans regard Malta as the only country run by its Mafia.

Now, when Mizzi, who is supposed to be powerless, can willingly evade being forced to testify in public about his first-hand knowledge concerning corruption at the highest legal in Maltese government, the EU sees Malta for what it truly is; a government beholden to, and dominated by, the country's corrupt big business private sector, which has benefitted handsomely since 2013, all at the expense of the Maltese taxpayers and citizens, who have been the victims.

If Malta does not even have the ability to drag the truth out of its criminal elite, then it is surely a toothless front government, protecting its own,  ad infinitum. Mizzi is a Siamese Twin in Crime, not only to Keith Schembri, but also to Joseph Muscat, to whom PM Robert Abela owes his political life. Don't look for Abela to do anything but protect Mizzi from the consequences of his criminal acts.


Will Mizzi find his Voice ?  by COSIMO


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