Tuesday, October 5, 2021


"I could clearly see the American arrest warrant was defective."  by COSIMO


The decision, by a Maltese magistrate, to decline to hold a major American fugitive on an arrest warrant issued by the United States, is probably just one more instance of official corruption in Malta's court system, where the Rule of Law is seldom followed, and dark and powerful criminal forces, hidden from public view, often pull strings to free the guilty, and deny justice to the victims.

The defendant, Frank Salvatore Rafaraci is an Italian-American who holds dual citizenship with the US and Italy and divides his time between Dubai and Sicily. We have previously detailed the criminal charges pending against him in the District of Columbia*. We now learn that Rafaraci's port servicing company, Multinational Logistics services (MLS), was headquartered in Malta. Perhaps there's more to this case than meets the eye, in a country fatally infected with systemic corruption.

 Considering the size of the US Government contracts MLS performed, overcharging, padding costs, and committing fraud estimated to be at least $50m, substantial criminal proceeds transited corporate bank accounts in Malta, en route to Dubai, which has no extradition treaty with the United States. Given the amount passing through Maltese bank accounts, and the likely criminal profits derived by powerful local businessmen with influence in both government and the judiciary, the decision to free Rafaraci on grounds not supported by Maltese law, reeks of corruption at the highest level.

We also note that Rafaraci allegedly paid $20,00, in cash, to a US Navy official, by handing him an envelope containing a bribe, in Miami, as well as paying another substantial cash bribe in Manama.

Which Maltese banks serviced MLS, and which local services firm handled his corporate matters ? It might be interesting to see whether any sitting ministers are linked to Rafaraci's business interests. 


*Malta frees wanted Major American Fugitive

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