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A gathering of Champagne Socialists  by COSIMO

Note to Readers: All statements cited as being made by Maria Efimova are verbatim quotes; they have not been edited or modified in any way. 

As Maltese law enforcement officials again promote bogus perjury charges against Maria Efimova, the whistleblower herself  has a few punches, and they are landing hard upon their intended targets. The subject again came up during a court enquiry into Egrant, as the police charged former FIAU inspector Jonathan Ferris with Perjury. Police Inspector Matthew Vella testified that Ms. Efimova should be investigated for the same crime.

(1) Ms. Efimova declined to produce her Egrant expert's report, and accompanying documents, to the Greek court recently, but the opportunity did not arise, as the case was postponed to early 2022. "The evidence is there. I was ready to hand it to the judge here in Greece, to help my husband's case hearing. However the hearing was adjourned. We trust that those readers of this blog who accused us of fabricating her intent to produce her evidence now understand that Maria fully intended to do so, but the postponement of the hearing made this impossible. She states that her counsel will verify this.

(2) Regarding the article discussing the possibility of yet another perjury investigations: "In regard to the LovinMalta story, I would like to say that Malta should stop inventing accusations against me. I expect a whistleblower status instead." Was this return to her perjury charge yet another effort by Joseph Muscat, in the shadows, to divert attention from his wife Michelle, and her obvious ownership of Egrant ? 

(3) She has again showed her cards to PM Robert Abela, who is clearly afraid to designated her as a protected whistleblower, as her testimony and evidence will incriminate MM: "I want to add that, according to the VERIFIED EVIDENCE I have in hand, EGRANT belonged  (since it is now dissolved) to MS. MICHELLE MUSCAT, nee Tanti, born on 16/05/1974, in Rabat."

The whistleblower has, once again, spoken. Do we have to wait for a Prime Minister from the Nationalist Party to finally grant Ms. Efimova the whistleblower status that she has so richly earned, to see the evidence ? 

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