Sunday, October 10, 2021


"It's my Turn,".  by COSIMO

Malta's Labour Party's seven years of corruption have ruined all the preceding generations of progress in Malta. Whether you know it as The Party of Black Monday, The Party of the Cult of Personality, or the Party of "Champagne Socialists," Malta today sits in a very, very bad place, because of Labour's misrule. Sanctioned by the Financial Action Task Force, rated high risk by the United Kingdom and the Basle Institute of Governance, it sits literally on the edge of FinCEN and OFAC designations, either of which could throw the country into a deep economic depression. 

Its law enforcement, prosecuting and regulatory agencies, corrupt to the core, have allowed senior Labour officials to commit money laundering and accept bribes and kickbacks with impunity. It has been estimated that over €300m have been accumulated by ministers who are senior Labour Party officials. Its Citizenship by Investment (IIM) Programme, which gave visa-free EU entry to transnational criminals, corrupt Politically Exposed Persons, is under legal attack from the European Union, which declares it to be inconsistent with European values. The Rule of Law does not exist, and there is no justice.

The country has degenerated into a Mafia State, where the Labour leadership seeks, and obtains, absolute loyalty from its base, and where they operate a racketeering enterprise that receives financial benefits from dozens of organized crime crews. Their loyal Party members are placed in lucrative government jobs; others receive consulting contracts; all of this places Malta in serious debt far in excess of tax revenues.

Unless the United States, the United Kingdom, or the Government of Italy intercedes, and brings criminal charges against the career criminals who currently occupy Castille, the nightmare will continue.  The House of Cards will not fall without outside intervention. 

The Pope should not just postpone his trip; he should cancel it, for there's just too much pure evil afoot in Malta. The Sinners far outnumber the Honest People.

"Oops"  by COSIMO

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