Friday, October 8, 2021


MM tells Malta's poor "Let them eat cake."  by COSIMO

Italy's law enforcement agencies have expanded their criminal investigations of illegal activities in the Republic of Malta, according to a reliable source. They also advised the Vatican that the present might not be a good time for the Pope to visit the country, and it is believed that their recommendations factored into the Pontiff's decision to postpone his trip for a few months. While there may have been other factors involved, this aspect of the reason for the decision could signal a new Italian interest in Malta's affairs as they impact crime in Italy.

 It is regrettable that the Pope's visit will be delayed, for the people of Malta could use a positive influence right about know, in the aftermath of the FATF Greylisting, and other actions, by the UK and the Basle Institute, against Malta. Malta certainly needs some good news as a morale booster.

We have been wondering of late how the United States learned that one of its major fugitives, the Italian-American, Frank Rafaraci, was en route to Malta. Rafaraci, who is a dual national, US-Italy, is a resident of Dubai, but is also known to spend a substantial amount of time in Sicily. Given our new information about increased Italian interest in crime in Malta,we believe that it was the Italian government that tipped off the Americans that their fugitive was in transit, and soon to arrive in Malta. Italy, as a rule does NOT extradite its citizens, but if they are present abroad, that's another issue entirely.

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