Thursday, October 14, 2021


Rosianne, in her Wisdom, decides to tackle Europe, America  & the Whole World  by COSIMO

If you've been reading the articles about the purported lead that the Labour Party has over the Nationalist Party, remember this:

(1) Saviour Balzon, the part owner of Malta Today, where the poll first appeared, has been exposed as the recipient of €1m from PL, over the part five years. Do you really think that the newspaper will endanger that relationship by printing any articles critical of labor ? Get real.

(2) The poll admits that 25% of those contacted declined to supply information. That is because the interviewer know the names of those that he calls, and any voter who admits to voting for PN will most certainly find himself or herself the victim of Pl retribution. So, rather than lie, the respondents do not supply any information.

(3) It's obviously a much higher figure of non-responders, more like at least 33%, which is one-third plus. Given that 92% of eligible Maltese voters show up to cast their ballots, Pl is NOT a shoe-in for the next election.  

(4) PL, through its flawed pollsters, is trying to throw off support for the PN, because once the big scandals get exposed, there will be massive momentum against PL. They are attempting to create a deficit of support before this happens. Included, but not limited to the scandals, is the exact location and amount of kickbacks transferred to JM and his allies.

Please, disregard those doom-and-gloom predictions about how PN is completely out of the running in the next election. Those statements are designed to make PN voters consider not voting at all, as an apparent futile gesture. Don't you believe it; the next election results will surprise you. 


Rosianne summons her colleagues to follow her  by COSIMO


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