Thursday, May 31, 2018


Internet visitors have noticed lately that the Commonwealth of Dominica has placed a number of tourism ads in Russian language websites, social media sites, and even search engines, in what appears to be a concerted effort to bring Russians to Dominica as tourists. What's wrong with this picture ?

First of all, Dominica is still reeling from having absorbed a direct hit from Hurricane Maria; widespread electric power outages, and other critical infrastructure issues, still exist, and extensive damage to what some call the Nature Island frankly renders eco-tourism, or tourisn of any kind, impossible. Of course, if there are Russian tourists want to come and help with reconstruction, they are more than welcome, but sun & fun is a little hard to find in Dominica in 2018, as that is assuming that our Russian "tourists" will even find travel user-friendly, because Dominica has no international airport,, and getting there will not be "half the fun."

Perhaps there is a hidden agenda here; after all, Dominica has a new, hard-working resident Ambassador in Moscow, who primary business is his CBI consultancy. What if the ads are really a call for Russians to consider CBI investments, so that they can pick up that nice little Dominica passport, which affords them visa-free travel into the UK and the EU, something their Russian passport cannot do. Maybe the most affluent ones will even spring for a diplomatic passport.

Are Russians merely passing through, picking up their prized CBI passports, en route to a coveted European, or Commonwealth, destination ? We cannot say, but Dominicans will most certainly be looking for any new arrivals, with pale skin that has not seen the sun, who may happen to have only minimal English skills, but a lot of greenbacks, headed for the nearest local lawyer's office, provided that the lawyer is also a CBI consultant.

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