Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Chinese training version of US one hunded dollar bill

This is the sample US one hundred dollar note that Chinese banks use to train their tellers with,  overprinted with language to confirm that it is not genuine. It has been employed to make them more familiar with US currency, which is, like it or not, the gold standard around the world, when one wants to hold a safe and stable form of wealth. So why did China choose to use the old Series 2006 one hundred dollar note, which was issued a dozen years ago, rather than the more recent updates, which are much more widely circulated ?

Example of most recently issued versions of $100 bill.

The question presented is whether China chose to make its bankers eminently familiar wth the Series 2006 note to avoid their unwitting acceptance of the North Korean "Supernote," the most accurate counterfeit US $100 bill known to exist, and whose latest version is the 2006 Series. Are Chinese authorities aware that the latest iteration of the Supernote exists, and that is under the control of an organization affiliated with the Government of the DPRK ? If China has a hand in the Supernote, in its distribution, or underground sale, it could change the way Western bankers regard risk, regarding cash payments or deposits of US currency originating from China.

Reverse of China bank training note.

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