Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Asot Michael, now dishonored.

Antigua MP and minister Asot Michael, whose corrupt conduct was exposed when German law enforcement disclosed recorded conversations of the participants in a VAT fraud scandal, resigned today, after a firestorm of public disgust over his actions roiled over Antigua, and the impact will certainly be felt in a number of other East Caribbean states whose leaders readily accept million dollar bribes and kickbacks. It is believed that his resignation was ordered by the Prime Minister.

Michael, who had arrogently denied any involvement in the criminal activity the recorded telephone convesations confirmed, may have already been charged with violations of the UK Bribery Act, for the Prime Minister had previously stated that such an act would result in his dismissal. When, earlier this week, the fact that Michael was detained by the UK National Crime Authority for one day during his interrogation became known, and that he concealed that information from the people of Antigua, demonstrates that he cannot be trusted to tell the truth, and that he is not worthy of public service.

Maurice Merchant, Antigua's Prince of Deception

The  "Spin Master* of Antigua," Maurice Merchant, a government mouthpiece who repeatedly vouched for Michael's innocence before the media, should be dismissed as well, for he is no friend of the truth, and therefore no friend of Antigua. He sought to employ unethical "Shoot the Messenger" tactics, towards all the whstleblowers who unmasked Michael's corrupt life. So long as he is there to distort the truth, Antigua remains in the dark world of corruption. ignoring true reform.
* A Spin Master is one who puts a spin upon a political media story so as to give it a favorable or advantageous appearance.

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