Sunday, May 20, 2018


If you live in the Caribbean, you know that the Commonwealth of Dominica has been stripped of its voting rights in the United Nations General Assembly, for failure to pay dues for a period of two years. Considering that the country's government is taking in millions each year, from its Citizenship by Investment, or economic passport, program, it makes you wonder into whose pockets all that money is going.

More importantly, the United Nations should eject Dominica from its membership, not for that reason, but for one much more serious; its outlaw diplomatic passport program, which freely sells passports that do not comply with international law, to career criminals, international sanctions evaders, corrupt government officials, organized crime members, and just about any other type of lowlife who would benefit from a tool that facilitates crime or terrorism. Do you have two or three million dolars in criminal proceeds on hand ? Then you can become an instant diplomat.

The officials in power in Dominica have sold, for US Dollars, passports that violate the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, to which all UN members, as signatories, are bound. They really do not give a damn about international law, believing that national sovereignty protects their criminal enterprise. In the meanwhile, over five hundred Dominica diplomatic passports have been issued by a government that is engaged in racketeering for profit.

The most effective remedy available to solve this problem is for the UN to remove Dominica from membership and to declare all diplomatic passports issued by it null and void. The United States, Canada and the UK are considering how to impose sanctions, but it is also up to the United Nations to act; Throw the bums out.

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