Monday, October 20, 2014


The leaders of Turkey & Hamas, holding hands.
Turkey, which has become a major political supporter of the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip, and is playing host to a number of senior Hamas officials, who now openly operate from there, bears close watching, when donor funds for Gaza reconstruction begin to flow into the Palestinian Authority. Given the long and sordid history, of Hamas leaders siphoning off money for themselves, you can expect a portion of the reconstruction funds to be cleverly diverted into their pockets.

Since all money stolen in the Territories cannot be safely kept there, due to the threat of discovery, and since Turkey is a known supporter, it is reasonable to expect that at least some of the diverted funds will end up transiting through Turkish banks, who will most certainly not ask the tough questions about Source of funds, and Beneficial Ownership of the cash.

Therefore, once the funding begins, it becomes prudent to thoroughly examine all large corporate wire transfers, originating from Turkish banks, where the sender does not appear to be actively engaged in ongoing business, where the company sending the funds is newly organized, and where you cannot ascertain the purpose of payments. You do not want to unwittingly bank dirty money from an official who is with a designated terrorist organization, and whose illicit fortune is later exposed in a law enforcement investigation.


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