Sunday, October 19, 2014


The French comedian, Dieudonne M'bala M'bala, whose racist performances are banned in France, has been charged with Money Laundering, tax evasion, and misuse of corporate assets. M'bala allegedly illegally transferred over €400,000 into Cameroon, using bulk cash smuggling, and wire transfers through Dubai; the defendant owns a front company that ostensibly exists to purchase oil for Cameroon. His wife and son, who are involved in his business activities, have been identified as facilitators in the illegal movement of money out of France. €660,000, in cash, was seized from his residence earlier this year, by French authorities.

M'bala, who has large unpaid fines outstanding in France, for racist acts, as well as substantial tax liability, was banned from entering the United Kingdom, after he made negative reference to the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth, during a performance. The French Government has asserted that M'bala attempted to file a bogus bankruptcy, to escape payment of the numerous fines.

M'bala's most controversial act is the use of a thinly-disguised Nazi hand salute, during his performances, and in public, which has enraged global public opinion, and caused the cancellation of all performances in France, due to his blatantly Anti-Semitic act. His racist conduct has been condemned by a vast majority of French citizens.

The inverted Nazi salute


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