Sunday, March 9, 2014


Venezuelans burning the Cuban flag

The people of Venezuela, divided in the past, and previously unable to effectively band together against the regime of President Nicolas Maduro, have now become a unified force, determined to unseat a government whose agents and thugs have killed and wounded peaceful unarmed protesters in the streets of Caracas. While government-controlled media has inaccurately depicted the Venezuelan situation as a civil war, with opposing sides, most Venezuela observers agree that more than 90% of the country's population is with the Opposition.

The bogus civil war ploy, which has unfortunately been accepted without question by many in Latin America, has been advocated by the Government of Venezuela, through its tightly-controlled managed news outlets, and repeated by the radical left-leaning governments in the region. It is not even close to the truth; Maduro has no popular support, no clique of believers. everyone in Venezuela wants change.

Even the Organization of American States (OAS) has bought into the big lie; its members, with the notable exception of the US, Canada & Panama, have recommended that the parties seek to resolve their differences amicably, but the Government of Venezuela has a long history of failing to deal in good faith with the Opposition, and no consultation will ever solve Venezuela's problems.

There will be no civil war in Venezuela; the war, if and when it comes, will be between the Venezuelan people, and agents of their repressive government, supported by special operations troops from Cuba and Hezbollah. Perhaps if the United States wakes up from its long, fifteen year sleep regarding Venezuela, it might want to weigh in on the right side of history.



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