Monday, March 24, 2014


Okke Ornstein, in transit 
Okke Ornstein is on the run; he reportedly embezzled $35,000 from a Hamas charity formed to aid Palestinian refuges in Syria. You may have read my coverage of his involvement in the charity, in partnership with Hamas' principal representative in the Netherlands, Amin Abu Rashed*. It appears that Okke has taken the charitable donations, and left town abruptly. Hamas is not happy, according to information received in the Netherlands.

If you are familiar with my previous articles about  Okke Ornstein, a/k/a Okke Van Ooijen, you know that:

(1) He is a fugitive from justice in the Republic of Panama, where he has been convicted in several criminal cases, and where he is a wanted man, who must now serve several prison terms, and also appear for some yet-unresolved criminal charges. His file was turned over to Interpol's local liaison.

(2) He was the general manager for the Ponzi scheme operation run in Panama by the master schemer, Marc Harris, now serving time in a Federal Prison in the United States.

(3) He operates a child pornography business on the Internet, and is believed to have originally fled his native Netherlands, to escape a criminal investigation.

(4) He has run a number of frauds in Panama, including, but not limited to, the Tulip Fund, which was exposed by both government regulators, and private consultants.

Now, Mr. Ornstein has clearly outdone himself; he is known to be on the run, current whereabouts unknown, having hurriedly left the Netherlands. Who will catch up with him first, the terrorist Hamas organization, or law enforcement ? The former may choose to terminate his criminal ways permanently; the latter will seek to return him to Panama, and the prison cell which awaits him. Either way, his criminal career is about to come to an end.
*Hamas Terrorist Financier Amin Abu Rashed and Fugitive Okke Ornstein in Syria


  1. Okke Ornstein has apparently 'awarded himself' an award for journalism. He is now appearing on TEDxPuntaPaitilla billing himself as "an investigative reporter and award-winning TV producer." What's wrong with that description? He left out the part about posting nude photos of people's wifes online, being a serial black mailer, and being a pathological liar. The man belongs in a mental institution, not on TED. It is amazing that some distraught person hasn't silenced him for slandering their family.

  2. Okke also humped my dog and...then kicked my wife...

  3. hahaha okke, kingpin master of any crime!


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