Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Attorney and Client  by COSIMO

SPECIAL CONTENT NOTICE: THIS ARTICLE IS INTENDED ONLY FOR READERS RESIDING OUTSIDE THE REPUBLIC OF MALTA. The contents may contain material prohibited from media disclosure  by order of the Magistrate or court rules. In order to prevent prejudicial pretrial publicity, please refrain from reading this article if you are a potential juror in any future criminal case.


We are pleased to report that, in connection with our policy of presenting both sides of all issues, as an objective observer, we have spoken directly with Charles Mercieca, the principal defence attorney for Yorgen Fenech in the Daphne Caruana Galizia homicide investigation. The matter we discussed was not related to the innocence or guilt of Mr. Mercieca's client, as that constitutes privileged information, nor did it involve any information covered by the attorney-client privilege.  

The sole issued we discussed: whether third parties are seeking to "frame" [implicate] Yorgen Fenech  as the  principal actor who organized the Galizia murder, directed the individuals who carried it out, and is ultimately to be considered the man who conceived the crime, and directed its execution.

There are many who believe that Joseph Muscat is behind the frame-up plan, and that he has taken affirmative steps to use Fenech as the "fall guy" in the Daphne murder, in order to protect his former Chief of Staff, Keith Schembri. Mr. Mercieca agrees that the evidence appears to point in that direction. 

There reportedly was additional "motivation" for JM to move against Fenech: threats allegedly conveyed to him by a representative from Azerbaijan, but who is also believed to  be an intelligence operative; He also knows Fenech, but there was a falling out sometime back. We have no further information on the threats conveyed to JM.

Second, he believes that the requisite intent exists. Keith Schembri is known to hold information and documents which are extremely incriminating, to both Joseph Muscat as well as Michelle Muscat, and can certainly result in life sentences for both, should it be disclosed by Schembri to obtain leniency, if he is ultimately found to have been instrumental in Daphne's murder.  In the event of Schembri's death, due to illness, those documents will survive, and in the wrong hands could be very damaging to the Muscats. There is the primary reason why Mr. Muscat fears the truth. 

How is Muscat remotely accomplishing this covert operation to point fingers at Fenech as the leader of the Daphne assassination plot ? My sources report that Joseph Muscat held what has been described as a  secret meeting with a senior politician in the Opposition party, and delegated some of the tasks to him. 

Charles Mercieca not only believes that there are powerful forces working with Muscat, but they may very well get away with it, unless publicly exposed.  Our sources confirm there are audio recordings out there involving JM and others which must be acquired and made public to solve the puzzle. Obviously, we only know a very small portion of the complete story. As further information comes in, we shall endeavour to follow upon this interesting issue, which could have a major impact on the Daphne trial.


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