Sunday, September 5, 2021


"File the Flight Plan for the DXB Ferry Flight"  by COSIMO


Whilst most of Malta is calling for the resignation or sacking of Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis,  a whistleblower  is calling for us to again take a hard look at EZL as Minister for Tourism, and his relationship with Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad, especially Sadr's abrupt trip to Dubai, just hours after he was caught in the act leaving leaving Pilatus Bank, after making a midnight documents extraction.

Sadr's lawyers can play the innocence card all they want, regarding the US criminal case, but they cannot explain away their client's midnight run at Pilatus. which was filmed by local media. Assuming that the suitcases, which appear to have gone on board that MLA-DXB leg of the business jet flight, contained dollar-denominated financial instruments which were the Proceeds of Crime, Zammit Lewis could be charged with money laundering in the US, amongst other crimes. After all, EZL put the whole thing together; the allegedly empty "ferry flight," departing at an extremely convenient moment. And you thought Zammit Lewis bad acts were limited to his justice portfolio ? think again.

Add to this the suspicious, reportedly allegedly high payments from the company for "marketing" purposes. a portion which most certainly could have made their way back to EZL, as kickbacks for the award of a €4.5m contract, and you have a picture of Malta's former Minister of Tourism who belongs in custody, and not as a part of the present government.This man is a clear and present danger to Malta. Furthermore, as one of the nine sitting ministers holding over from the Muscat era, he should have been gone long ago.

Malta, don't keep your voters waiting; remove this individual from government office.



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