Monday, September 6, 2021


Robert, Sucking Joe's Air  by COSIMO


Today's news in Malta, about the former EU Commissioner John Dalli reportedly about to face the music over old corruption charges, appears to signal a sea change in how justice is done in that now doubly-sanctioned island nation. And of course , it always comes back to Pilatus Bank. in March of 2020, we wrote  Iranian Man on Death Row, who switched IRISL's  Agency to John Dalli's Daughter, helped Set Up Pilatus Bank. We don't remember any outrage at that time about the brutal truth behind a Maltese politician described by an astute observer of the scene as "Slimy as a conger eel and Dangerous as a Shark." We certainly haven't seen any references to Mehdi Shamsdadeh lately in local media. You may also want to for back to April, 2020, and read this : Funding to form Malta's Pilatus Bank came from Zanjani/Monfared crew that Stole $2.2bn from Iran Sanction Evasion Proceeds.

The bottom line is this: Whilst the arrests and new investigation appear to be the New Malta, in our experience and observation,, these cases fester for years, during the so-called Compilation of Evidence. Even if there actually is a trial, years down the road, the appeals process takes additional years; al the bad actors will be in their eighties by then. Is all this a sham to blind the voters, so that they vote again for the corrupt Labour Party, while the really guilty evade arrest and prosecution ?

I have a personal barometer that will prove, once and for all, whether reform is actually happening in Malta. Follow me on this; if these two gross injustices, founded on corruption, are addressed, then I might concede that things are really changing:

1. Transfer ownership of the Times of Malta  to its true owner, the Strickland heir; set aside for fraud Mabel Strickland's last will, as being executed through Undue Influence.  This legal charade has gone on long enough.

2. Correct Dom Mintoff's criminal act, the nationalization of the Bank of Valletta,  by either compensating the original shareholders, or returning their stock to them. Personally, given the allegations that  rampant money laundering has occurred, connected to Pilatus Bank, that I have been hearing, my preference is to give them back the ownership that equity requires.

If Malta does not clean up these open wounds, I do not believe that reform has truly arrived in Valletta, and what that wise individual has said about Dalli, "Nothing will happen to him and nothing will happen to the Pilatus [Bank] directors, and even Yorgen  will walk free the next two years,"  will come true.

What do you say, Malta ?




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