Monday, September 20, 2021


Quo Vadis Malta ? by COSIMO

As he [St. Peter] went forth of the city, he saw the Lord entering into Rome. And when he saw him he said: Lord, Whither goest thou thus ? And the Lord said unto him: I go into Rome to be crucified. And Peter said unto him: Lord, art thou [being] crucified again ? He said unto him: Yea, Peter, I am [being] crucified again. And Peter came to himself, and having beheld the Lord ascending up into heaven, returned to Rome, rejoicing, and glorifying the Lord: I am being crucified: the which was about to befall Peter. The Acts of Peter 3:25, Apocrypha.

When Saint Peter, said to be fleeing certain death in Rome, encounters the risen Christ on the Appian Way, we are told he asked of him "Quo Vadis ," meaning "where are you going ?" to which the Lord replied that he was going to Rome to be crucified a second time, "Eo Romam iterum crucifigi", after which point Peter turned around, and returned to Rome to his ministry, his fate, his faith and courage restored. 

Given the upcoming visit of the Holy Father to Malta, perhaps it is time for voters of integrity in Malta to take stock, and decide where Malta is headed is 2021 and beyond. Will there actually be a bona fide reform movement, removing the evil influences presently existing in government, with a broom at election time, that sweeps clean ? Anything less will simply not suffice.

Once a new administration is installed, then justice must be served; punishment should be fair but swift, and those corrupting influences that poisoned Maltese life for so many years should be excised. It will definitely be painful, but only for those who chose to defy not only the Rule of Law, but Higher Laws as well.

What happens now will be a litmus test for Malta:  which way is it going ? Finally, back towards the light, or deeper into darkness. Perhaps Peter himself will be watching.

The Acts of Peter, from the Apocryphal New Testament, M.R. James Translation and Notes; Oxford; Clarendon Press, 1924.

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