Tuesday, September 7, 2021


John Dalli and his Helper  by COSIMO

Take a close look; in any other European Union country, this individual would have been convicted and imprisoned long ago; alternatively, he would have been turned over to American authorities for prosecution for Iranian sanctions violations. Given Malta's dysfunctional court system, where the police obey the whims of whoever the sitting the prime minister is, the guilty are never, ever punished. 

Where did all the money he has come from ?  And what about the trust he allegedly has in the Bahamas ?

So long as he cheats Lady Justice, John Dalli's presence in Malta infects everyone who thinks that breaking the law is O.K., because they see he has never paid for his sins and transgressions.  Of course, he is but one of  two dozen, all of who  should be doing time right now, whether for money laundering, corruption, drug trafficking, tax evasion, or any one of a boatload of other criminal charges.

Will the last legitimate person leaving Malta remember to turn out the lights.


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