Monday, September 13, 2021


Straight Tie, Straight Part by COSIMO 

Malta seems to be coming apart at the seams of late, what with a former Labour Party insider going public with a tell-all book, labeling Joseph Muscat "a Sociopath, and most likely a Psychopath."  Whilst everyone is throwing accusations around, especially regarding who was to blame for The Malta Labour Party's election of 2013, which resulted in Joseph Muscat being selected as Prime Minister, perhaps it is time to look into how certain events came together to create a Perfect Storm of corrupt events that brought Muscat into power.

It was not a bloody accident:

(1) Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi refused to allow the Malta Police to tap the telephone of  former EU Commissioner John Dalli, not long after he stepped down as Minister of Health. Reportedly, Dalli's former assistant had allegedly solicited a €60m bribe, in connection with a move to overturn the European Union's prohibition on a type of smokeless tobacco. Dalli was said to be involved, but the investigators were blocked by Gonzi.

(2) Dalli, who declined to return from Brussels, used a German Gynecologist who claimed he was unfit to travel to Malta, and Gonzi did not press him on the matter. "Let him come in on his own," he used to say. He protected his legacy through his personal dishonor in office.

(3) Dalli, who wanted to hit back at the PN, after he lost the leadership election to Gonzi, asked Muscat for strategy. In essence, Dalli put JM in power in 2013, because he knew all the dirty laundry of the PN, as he was part of it. The Electrogas Project was Dalli's brainchild. Although on a different level, PN was also engaged in corruption. This was widely known among the electorate.  

(4) The elections are held. Muscat came into power, and he insured that the "investigation" cleared Dalli, who had by then returned to Malta.
(5) Gonzi was more interested in his legacy than the legacy and destiny of his country.

(6) The voters were tired of misconduct by both parties, and believed that Muscat's promises of reform and prosperity; they bought into his pipe dream of a clean and affluent Malta. Look what they got instead. A blacklisted country, ridiculed throughout the EU, and infested with the corruption that Joseph Muscat guaranteed to abolish.

Whether John Dalli is now, albeit belatedly, brought to justice, the damage is done. Malta had to suffer through seven years as a Mafia state, thanks to Dalli and Gonzi's greed, and blind ambition.  

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