Friday, September 24, 2021


What me Worry ?  by COSIMO

Maria Efimova, who we call the Conscience of Malta, intends to introduce the Egrant documents into evidence today, in a Greek Courtroom, where her husband, Pantelis Barnabas, is fighting extradition to Cyprus, based upon a bogus indictment intended to silence Ms. Efimova.

 Malta's Whistleblower has advised me that she has ordered her attorneys to submit the EGRANT files, in support of his request to pause all proceedings whilst INTERPOL makes a ruling upon whether Pantelis' indictment is purely political in nature, and without any factual or legal basis.

Given the nature of such a filing in open court, the documents should be immediately available to the press and public. They conclusively identify the beneficial owner of EGRANT, an offshore shell company that was the recipient of illegal bribe and kickback funds. This information, which is accompanied by a report, from an expert who examined the signatures, and verified them as genuine, will put to rest the mystery of who owns EGRANT.


Where's my bloody EGRANT file ?

We hope and trust that the Malta Police have Michelle and Joseph Muscat under constant surveillance, lest they seek to flee to an non-extraditable country, like Russia. Our readers will recall that the wife of the Colombian money launderer, Alex Nain Saab Moran, who will be imminently extradited to Miami from Cape Verde, has relocated to Moscow. Saab and his partner both used Maltese companies to move the Proceeds of Crime. 

Where is Michelle Muscat right now ? Is there someone on the ground at MLA  to foil her escape ?


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