Friday, September 24, 2021



JM Partying Like it's 1999  by COSIMO

We have a report that the Cyprus extradition case against Pantelis Varnavas, the husband of Malta's whistleblower, Maria Efimova, was postponed by the Greek court until February 2022. You may recall that INTERPOL has still not determined whether the arrest warrant was issued for purely political, and not legal, purposes. 

Therefore, none of the EGRANT material was introduced at today's hearing, according to reliable sources. The proof that Michelle Muscat was the Beneficial Owner of that offshore company, which was used for the corrupt and illegal purposes of her husband, then Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, was not entered into evidence; The mystery continues.

Will Malta's next prime minister have the intestinal fortitude to grant Ms. Efimova whistleblower status, so that the documents will finally see the light of day ? Only time will tell, but we will be watching.

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