Saturday, November 2, 2019


While there is a great deal of anger, from investors, rightly complaining that that they were cheated, directed at Soren Dawody's failed Grenada GSA project, the experts and technical support staff who were engaged to actually construct the sustainable aquaculture facilities are also quite vocal in their  oral and written statements about the massive eighteen million dollar fraud. The reason: they were not paid any of the fees and costs that they are owned by GSA, pursuant to contracts they signed with Dawody.

The stated plan was that Dawody would raise capital from foreign investors, who would receive a Grenada CBI passport, and also fund the aquaculture project. The technicians were never paid, the facilities were never built out, and project manager Soren Dawody, whose companies received the $18m, has chosen not to return to Grenada from abroad, where he has an immigration consultancy business. Whether there is criminal liability for fraud, and who should be charged, has not yet been ascertained.

Correspondence from the individuals and technical support companies that were to build the facilities indicates that they have blamed the Government of Grenada for inadequate supervision and monitoring of GSA, and asserted that government is liable to them for their fees and costs, and possibly also damages. Government was not a party to the Share Sales Agreement, but it could be found liable by a court of competent jurisdiction, should litigation ensue, which is likely. Meanwhile, there are a lot of very unhappy contractors wanting to be paid, and holding Dawody strictly liable for GSA's legal obligations. Government initiated an investigation into the project earlier this year.


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