Sunday, November 10, 2019


The Commonwealth of Dominica will be holding National Elections on December 6th, and the incumbent Labour Party is spending millions of (US) Dollars to insure that it remains in power. In a display of utter arrogance, Labour published its Campaign Budget past year, and there are all indications that it is currently spending up to the limits specified, if not more, on what is, frankly, the bold purchase of votes.

A nonstop party atmosphere is generated that is calculated to entertain, intoxicate, and instill absolute loyalty among the voters,many of whom suffered major losses in the last hurricane, and who will welcome any interruption in their current situation.


Please take the time to review the figures; Labour is buying votes of a thousand or more expats by flying them in for what amounts to a homecoming and visit with family; the voting is cleverly a small. but necessary, component of their trip. While they are in Dominica, their needs will be attended to, courtesy Labour. Huge all-you-can-eat & drink events, open payments to voters, temporary busy-work employment, and many other tricks that place US Dollars in the pockets of unemployed (and often intoxicated) voters, all add up to a fixed, and not free and fair, election.

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