Thursday, November 14, 2019


Monfared on trial in Iran.

If you were wondering about the fate of Alireza Ziba Halat Monfared, after we published several photographs taken at his recent trial in Iran, the judgment has now been made public. He was sentenced to twenty (20) years in prison, and comply with a Restitution order in the amount of USD$1.3bn. Monfared, together with his co-defendant Babak Zanjani, and others, sold Iranian oil, in violation of international and US sanctions, stockpiled and stored oil stores, laundered the proceeds of those crimes, and sold off the tankers. The defendants, stole at least $3bn of the illegal Iranian oil profits for their own use.

Not to be forgotten is the fact that Monfared bought a diplomatic passport from officials in the Commonwealth of Dominica, as well as CBI passports for his family, notwithstanding that he was a well-known sanctions evader and money launderer. He used his nonfunctional "diplomat" status to avoid arrest in Malaysia for fraud and grand theft, and the fact that a known sanctions evader was sold a diplomatic passport, in violation of several provisions of the Vienna Convention, confirmed that Due Diligence was not performed on his application by Dominica's officials, in advance of his acquisition of the passports.

The Monfared scandal exposed Dominica's dodgy CBI, and diplomatic, passport sales industry, which has thrived notwithstanding the country's bleak post-Apocalypse economy, demonstrating that government cash flow from these programs has not trickled down to those in need. Additionally, evidence confirms that Monfared paid six figure bribes to CBI officials, and bought automobiles and trucks for other individuals in local government. He is the Poster Boy for all that is evil concerning Dominica's CBI program, which allows white collar criminals to hide their true identity and nationality behind a passport that gives the holder visa-free entry to the European Union Schengen Zone.   

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