Monday, November 11, 2019


Several of the GSA contractors, subject matter experts and consultants have sent demand letters to the Government of Grenada, seeking payment for the fees and costs owed to them by  Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Ltd, which took in a reported USD$18m, and, outside of primitive groundbreaking, failed to construct the aquaculture shrimp and fish pens and ponds.

The arguments they make is that Government failed to conduct due diligence upon GSA and its principal officer, Soren Dawody, because if they did, it would have come out that it had no experience in the industry, and that there was zero supervision of both escrow deposits, which were mysteriously diverted from Grenada, to the UAE & Singapore. These are serious issues, and if there is any truth in them, a case can certainly be made for negligence, giving rise to liability.

Where these civil suits might be brought has not yet been discussed, and whether there is any sovereign immunity under Grenadian, or international, law, that might bar recovery, is an important issue that requires prior adjudication. Given that the Government shut down the GSA program last year, and did not initiate an official investigation, there are other issues also that require rulings.


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