Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Thursday, May 25, 2017


His Interpol notice

Forgetting for a minute the bogus procedural tactics of his Panama attorneys, which include his immunity claims, due to a defective ( and belated) appointment to the Central American Parliament, Parlacen,is there some legitimate procedural reason why the United States has failed to extradite Ricardo Martinelli since September, 2016 ?

Many sources in the Republic of Panama have their own theories:

(1) Panama's President Varela fears that Martinelli, on the stand, will reveal massive corruption committed by Varela, when he was Vice President, and for that reason, intentionally flawed extradition documents were forwarded to the US State Department.

(2) Varela's expended relationships with Russian organized crime operations in Panama, which are known to Martinelli, caused him to deliberately slow down the extradition process.

(3) The 9-month delay in securing an INTERPOL Red Card on Martinelli is additional evidence that Panama's government does not want Martinelli testifying in court.

Whatever the reason, we may never see Panama's most corrupt president sitting in the dock, paying for his sins and transgressions.  

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