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Saturday, May 13, 2017


The parents of David Boim, who was murdered by Hamas agents in 1996, and who hold a $156m judgment, entered against terrorist financier entities of Hamas, have filed a civil suit, in US District Court in Illinois, alleging that certain radical Islamist organizations, are successors to, and front for, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Justice, and related judgment debtors, and demands judgment against those additional entities.

The value of the suit to compliance officers, at financial institutions located in North America, is that it identifies certain individuals, and organizations, that allegedly constitute a clear and present danger of prior, or potential, involvement in terrorist financing, and should therefore be further investigated, to determine whether they are classified as unacceptable as clients, in a risk-based AML/CFT compliance program. I am identifying them here for that specific purpose only. The case was filed on May 12, 2107, under Case No.: 17-cv-03591 (ND IL); There has been no adjudication of the merits of the action.

The defendants are:
(1) American Muslims for Palestine.
(2) Americans for Justice in Palestine Educational Foundation.
(3)  Rafeeq Jaber.
(4)  Abdelbasset Hamayel.
(5)  Osama Abu Irshaid.

Also named in the Complaint, as linked to, affiliated with, the defendants, or the judgment debtors in the original case:

(A) The Mosque Foundation.
(B)  Hatem Bazian.
(C)  Salah Sarsour.
(D)  Hussein al-Khatib.
(E)  Kifah Mustapha.
(F)  Sufian Nabhan.

Compliance officers who believe that any of the above are former, or present, bank customers, should make that information known to senior bank management, as well as bank counsel, forthwith, for further investigation and inquiry. 

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