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Saturday, May 27, 2017


 As we have repeatedly demonstrated, the out-of-control Citizenship by Investment Program, operated by the Commonwealth of Dominica, has experienced multiple unintended consequences. Money received has been diverted to a number of illegal actions, all designed to maintain indefinite political power of a party whose leaders line their pocket with the proceeds of the CBI program, and utterly fail to achieve economic progress for the people of Dominica. It is not fulfilling its mandate.

At this point, the only way to save the program is to literally take it away from it greedy governmental operators, and assign it to an outside, nonprofit organization, who can funnel all the money back to its intended recipients.

What are some of the issues that warrant the removal of the CBI program:

(1) This week's dismal statistic: the amount of money spent for marketing Dominica's Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program is twice that devoted to due diligence on applicants, during the same period. What's wrong with this picture ? It means that the acquisition of clients, and the compensation of agents, who are mainly not professionals, but commission-oriented salesmen, is deemed far more imnportant than vetting the clients.

(2) The CBI program is used as cover for an illegal, parallel diplomatic passport program, which has resulted in a half-dozen "diplomats," being arrested overseas, on a variety of criminal charges.

(3) CBI money is used to literally buy votes at election time, charter airliners, to bring into Dominica expats, who will vote to keep the Dominica Labour Party in power, and pay the party's supporters and officials.

(4) The lure of CBI money, in a country with a failed agricultural economy, is simply too strong, meaning that the recipients, instead of having new jobs, created as the result of proper application of those funds, are totally dependent upon this "free money," and are now unable to resist its attraction.

The Dominica CBI program needs to be assigned to a responsible, uncorruptible, international NGO, who can administer it, and use the proceeds to actually advance the economy of Dominica, not pay off corrupt leaders, and their willing associates.

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