Friday, July 29, 2022


Anyone who has listened to my broadcasts on on Saturdays knows that I am probably one of the most outspoken opponents of the Mottley government. Clarke, who also goes by the alias JOE GRIFFITH, wants to confuse you into thinking that I am one of the corrupters. In truth and in fact, it is Clarke whom you must steer clear of. He is a poison that you do not want any part of. Read our two most recent articles* about Clarke on this blog. 

Our programme is called The People Against the Corrupters, and you are kindly invited to listen in every Saturday at 9:00 Eastern and Atlantic Time, which is also 1400 hrs, the time in BST for our UK listeners.

You will see that we don't pull our punches about land fraud, money laundering, financial crime and corruption in Barbados, and we focus on corrupt attorneys and those who commit land fraud, both in and out of government. We will be examining Winston Clarke's sins and transgressions, inasmuch as he deigns to confuse Bajans about who we are, and what we are doing to clean up a Barbados thoroughly infected with rampant corruption, from top to bottom. Tune in, friends.


*1. 40 Prior Felony Convictions, and Unsavoury Links to Government and Opaque Nonprofit Organisations make Sociopath Winston Clarke Unfit to Render Legal Advice to Bajans

2. Individuals who Engage in the Unauthorised Practise of Law in Brbados can Hurt their "Clients"

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