Tuesday, July 5, 2022



Mug Shot by COSIMO

A firestorm of fear ignited in Malta this week, when one of the admitted conspirators in the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, George Degiorgio, told Reuters that he intends to spill the proverbial beans, regarding who was behind the murder, to reduce the long prison sentence he expects to receive. Whilst he did not specify whom he intends to name and shame, the consensus of opinion centers around three prominent individuals.

Those whom most Malta observers believe he could choose to name are former Prime Minister JOSEPH MUSCAT, his former OPM Chief of Staff, KEITH SCHEMBRI, and former minister CHRISTIAN CARDONA. Amongst those three individuals is the person who gave the order to ultimately execute the planned murder, although that information has never been revealed by someone with first-hand knowledge. Those three former senior Maltese government leaders are said to be worried that they will be openly implicated, forcing law enforcement to detain them, and prevent their flight to avoid prosecution. We are aware that Brussels is monitoring the situation closely.

Passport Photo by COSIMO

There is also the possibility that Degiorgio will implicate others in lieu of the truly guilty parties, passing the blame on to innocent parties, allowing those who were behind the crime to escape. Given the corrupt nature of the Maltese court system, sending innocent individuals to prison is not outside the realm of possibility, especially if those persons die in custody, as has unfortunately happened in the past.
DUI Malta Police Photo by COSIMO

If you see JM, KS or CC leave town quietly this week, you have your answer.


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