Friday, July 8, 2022


Muscat, still Hanging on; Actions Speak Louder than Words by COSIMO 

                                                                 VOX POPULI

                                                            (All verbatim and unedited)

(1) JM keeps brushing aside the ‘climate of impunity’, inadvertently or intended only celestial deities can reveal… resulted in DCG death! He is pushing ahead undertaking new ‘public’ roles to the inevitable applause, applause that won’t bring life to the dead- with a Democracy backed by a neutered opposition ‘a necessity’ now in keeping up appearances of ‘normal working one, ’ but ridiculously powerless!

He is alive and kicking , with the usual spirited attitude and non nonchalance energetically ‘discounting’, ‘depreciating’ his ‘ past errors’ and with vigour giving new value to new enterprises. ‘Let the result speak for themselves’ a ‘style a tone’ reminiscence of a Sai Mizzi.

He is quoted as saying that he paid a politic price? There are two options as to what price he was referring to: money or self esteem. I believe that money was not a real personal catastrophe, with the money, frills plus he received as a SEVERANCE from ‘public’ roles!? So I think it’s about pride hurt...

…..what had and still is being paid for that ! The environment, pollution, noise , alarming shrinking space u ‘l-gahans icapcpu u iqaqu mil ‘gageg’ kuntenti bir-rix ta haddiehor' absurd but REAL.

Sincerely good luck for the former as for the latter, we will be all needing that, and loads of it... question of time.

  • (2) Malta runs an €8 billion national debt - it stands at €7.9 billion up from €4.7 billion at the end of 2012.

    4.3 billion in 25 years, 3.95 billion in less than 7 years and keeps increasing every day drastically The irony is that PN debt
    Is all debt that is accounted for. A new airport, a new seaport, a new hospital, 2 new power stations, 4 reverse osmosis, 2 recycling plants, a water, electricity and telecom infrastructure covering both islands, 112 km of new road including 10 major roads linking the north with the south and thousands of other projects for all Maltese citizens to benefit from. Now smarty pants, tell me in SEVEN YEARS what this government did that you can see and touch? Tell me what the over expenditure, in the amount of 3950 MILLION euro got Malta? Zip, zilch, nada, niente....Can you mention just 1 project which was planned for, financed and finished by Joseph Muscat or Robert Abela? Even Alfred Sant in less than 22 months managed to ease the traffic problem in Marsa and Zejtun and embellished all the seafront, from St. Paul's Bay all the way to Qawra.

    (3) It is possible that the disgraced former PM Joseph Mvscat turned Malta into a Dubai in his eight years in office.
    But in terms of his threat to return to politics after he was deposed by a minority of the Maltese society, it is a possibility that what he has in mind now is to turn Malta into a Libya. Not that he has not manage to divide the country and render it a failed state in the first time round, but at least there isn't a civil war on Malta.
    It was recently reported by The New York Times that Saif al Islam Ghaddafi, the son of the Labour Party-State greatest one-time friend and benefactor Muhammar, may be planning a comeback by running for Libya's presidency "to restore the lost unity."
    I do not exclude a similar line of thought from the likes of Joseph Muscat.

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